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Mashup Figures FAQ's

When Will The Mashup Figures Go On Sale?

The Remaining Mashup figures will be for sale on 31st October 2020 at 19:00 GMT.

How Many Will Be For Sale?

For now there will be only 1 of each figure that I have painted that will be up in the store. Thats not to say in thefuture that there won't be more. But for now, just the 1 of each.

Can I Reserve One?

No sorry. I want everyone who's interested to have a equal chance of getting one.

They Sold Out! When Will More Be Available?

I have quite a lot of orders in the pipeline so once I've worked my way through them I will probably make a few more of the mashup figures and put them in the store. Head to my Facebook page and give it a follow. I'll be sure to announce it on there first.


I have a 3D Printer, Can I Print My Own?

Yes you can! head on over to

What Are The Mashups Made From?

The Arw made from Resin using a 3D Printing process called MSLA. They Are hollow.