Can I Order One?

The short answer is yes. All of the models are made to order and as I have received alot of orders for these over the past few weeks, the waiting time has gone up. It current sits at around 15/16 weeks for new orders coming in. It is just me fulfilling orders. One person, not a team as some people may be lead to believe. So please be patient. :) Alternatively if you haver your own 3D printer, have a look at joining Hex3D Patreon and make one yourself!

I've Ordered A Model, Now What?

Depending on when you ordered depends on what batch you'll fall into. I am making these in batches of 10. So if you're in say, batch 2, your order wont be made and shipped straight away. I have and continue to keep the shipping times updated in the listing so at the time of ordering it should have given an indication on how long you will have to wait. Rest assured I will drop a shipping email once its on its way.

Your Website Says Out of Stock?

Even though I am making these in batches and have updated wait times etc, I may turn the listing off every now and then to allow me to catch up so to speak. Keep checking back to see if any more have been made available.

I've Purchased A Model. Where Is It?

The short answer is probably being made or waiting to be made. If you haven't had a shipping notification yet then rest assured I'm in the process of getting to your order, or I'm making it. I will let you know via email when it ships :)

Is The STL Available Anywhere?

Yes it is. visit to join Geoff's incredible patreon. Here you can grab a ton of incredible STL's for you to print at home and have fun with. Also jump onto facebook and join the Hex3D Patreon Group. There's a ton of talented people there that will help with any questions.

Why Arent You Replying To My Info Requests?

Over the past week I have had a lot of emails asking for info about this little guy (nearly 1000 in total). I have tried to keep up but I've had to draw a line somewhere so that I can concentrate on getting models sent out. This doesn't mean that I dont want to talk to you. This just means that I can concentrate on doing what I love, which is finishing up some awesome stuff for you guys. This is why I have created this FAQ page.

What Size Is The Model & Can I Have More Info?

The model is around 4" tall. It is created using a process called MSLA printing which uses UV reactive liquid resin which is cured in tinyyyyyy layers to create a 3D object. The model is hollow and has 4 small opening holes on the underside of the base (so it can't be seen) to allow for the excess resin to disperse during the printing process. It is then cleaned and a final cure with UV light takes place. I then proceed to paint it using a combination of paints which are built up in layers. It is then sealed with a clear coat to protect the paint from UV and handling. finally I add any glossy or metallic painted parts.

Can I Jump the Queue?

The short answer is no. I don't believe it would be fair for someone to be able to jump to the front of the queue when other people have paid to get a model. Unfortunatly you will just have to wait. It'll be totally worth it though ;)

Alternatively, as mentioned above in another question. Take a look at joining the Hex3D patreon and make yourself one! heres the link again

What Batch is My Order In?

That depends when you've ordered. I am making them in groups of 10. I am currently working through and painting batch 3 (as of 14/10/20). Please be patient. You will get an email confirming your statue has shipped as soon as its done.

Do You Sell In Bulk or Wholesale?

I can make multiple orders for customers, wether that be for personal use or for resale. But the prices wont change very much as these items take so long to make and paint.

Are The Other Baby Yoda's For Sale?

I have shown many different Baby Yoda in costume statues on the run up to Halloween on my page, most of these I have only printed and painted one of so I wont be adding multiples onto the store. However the ones I have made will be going up in the store between now and Halloween so keep an eye out! You can also print your own by joining

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