Well here we go, I have just had my new resin MSLA Printer delivered in the past couple of days. This thing is amazing. you cannot tell the prints are printed, They look injection moulded!

This new tool will allow me to bring a lot more really cool items to the store!

I'm also moving away from Etsy slightly. While I'm still on there, I will be encouraging customers to use this website as their point of sale from now on. I have heard far to many horror stories of people just being booted from Etsy so would much rather my customers have a dedicated site with products, news and upcoming offers on :)

I will also be using this new printer as a printing service, so if you have any figure or miniature models etc that you would like printed in resin, get in touch!

More updates to come over the next week or 2 and alot more products will be added to the store so keep an eye out!

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