Lithophane Keychain

Lithophane Keychain


These heart shaped keyrings reveal a cleverly consealed image of your choosing. Wether it be a loved one, your favorite place or simply your favorite photo. 


Once you have purchased a keyring, please email your photo to


Using a process called SLA printing, your chosen image is converted into a 3D model which uses different thicknesses of resin to create different shade whien held up to the light.


Each heart is created to order using your provided image. 


These are great for wedding favours, remembering loved ones, Mothers Day gifts etc... the list is endless.


PLEASE NOTE - as these are created from scratch and are made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks before the item ships.


    When you email your image please make sure it is a clear photo that is at least 1000px x 1000px in size.

    Most images work well as lithophants. However if when converted your image doesnt appear to translate well to our lithophanes. You will receive an email requesting a different photo. If we have not received an alternative image within 48 hours then we will go ahead with the original image.